Millipore Rios-DI UV Water Puerification System

Millipore Rios-DI UV Water Puerification System

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This listing is for 1 of 3 Millipore Rios-DI UV Water Puerification System RiOs-DI® 3 UV Water Systems with built-in 254 nm bactericidal UV lamp easily and economically produce up to 15 L/day of consistent-quality Type 2 pure water from tap water. A combination of reverse osmosis (RO) technology and deionization (DI) resins delivers water with high resistivity ( > 10 MΩ·cm) and low TOC (< 30 ppb) whose quality surpasses that of service DI or distilled water UV lamp helps ensure optimal water quality for bacteria-sensitive applications Pure water flow rate of >2.4 L/hr Integrated 6-L storage reservoir Avoid the drawbacks of other purification methods such high lab space demands for resin bottles or distillation equipment; heavy maintenance; lack of quality monitoring; and in the case of distillation, high energy and water use


ModelWater Purification System