We buy your equipment

At ULM, we are always looking to purchase second-hand equipment, instead of disposing of machinery, we look to recycle the units and get them back to a loving home, which allows us to pay for the equipment upfront, before arranging collection.



Once you know what equipment is surplus and available to sell, and would like a free no obligation offer from Used Lab Machines, we will require a curtain amount of information to get things started.


How to start

We will require either photos of the equipment or a list with manufacturer name, type and working condition, we feel photographs are the easiest way to gage value, this would include a photo of the front and a photo of the manufacturers plate of every individual item.


Level of service

Establishing how you would like the equipment removed, our services range depending on what is required, it can vary from picking up ready packaged machinery, to removing equipment from a working lab setting, packaging on site and loading onto our transport, our offers are created completely bespoke to your individual needs.



There are 2 choices, a representative from ULM can visit the equipment in person, taking all relevant information needed to create an offer OR photos/lists can be sent directly to our email, we will then take some further information if required E.g. level of machines, labour required, lift access. To complete our offer.


Putting our offer together

Our team will sit down and discuss what your equipment is worth in the second-hand market, we then calculate that against transport, labour, marketing and storage costs to come to our final figure.



We send over a free no obligation offer to purchase the redundant equipment, paying upfront before arranging for it's removal.