Illumina Iix Genome Analyzer

Illumina Iix Genome Analyzer

£500 (GBP)

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Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom

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This listing is for a Illumina Genome Analyzer system complete with End Module, does not come with PC and software The Illumina Genome Analyzer II DNA Sequencer is a high-speed, whole-genome analysis system capable of providing an unmatched combination of read lengths, paired-end insert size ranges, and high genomic coverage to enable the broadest spectrum of applications. A groundbreaking platform for genetic analysis and functional genomics, the Genome Analyzer II transforms the way experiments are developed and executed by featuring a simple workflow and by generating high daily output. Additionally, the Genome Analyzer II is suitable to handle gene expression discovery and profiling, DNA-protein interaction profiling, and small RNA identification and quantitation to name a few applications. Can be refurbished on request, refurbishment not included in price.