Eschmann SES113B Little Sister Vacuum Autoclave

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Eschmann SES113B Little Sister Vacuum Autoclave

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Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom


This listing is for a Eschmann SES113B Little Sister Vacuum Autoclave

When it comes to sterilising your instruments, for total confidence time after time, there\'s only one choice - the New LittleSister autoclave. The Little Sister range incorporates the very latest technology, allowing you to meet all current and future guidelines, including the latest European autoclave standard BS EN 13060.

Self Checking

Dual system for independent cycle control and process monitoring

Verifies every cycle

Detects any discrepancies, immediately interrupting the cycle

Independent air detection system

Advanced Water System

Ensures any contaminants/endotoxins present after every cycle are removed, reducing risk of contamination for subsequent cycles.

Onboard reservoirs remove inconvenience and risk associated with separate external containers.

Reservoirs are easily drained, significantly reducing risk of bio-burden contamination.

Onboard waste water systems incorporate water level sensors to remove the risk of hot, waste water being spilled.

Direct drain option for waste water reservoirs available as an option.

Water Saving – uses only 350ml of water per cycle.

Energy Saving –need less power to heat 350ml of water.

Time Saving – less water reduces the time required to achieve sterilisation

Superior Performance

Rapid Instrument Turnaround

- up to 32 x N type non-vacuum cycles without drying for solid instruments

- up to 16 x B type vacuum cycles without drying for unwrapped solid or hollow instruments

Flexible, high capacity furniture configuration.

Dual size trays & HFiT cassettes - standard 28cm x 18cm - \'examination\' 18cm x 14cm

- SES225 models can process 15 individual ‘examination’ instruments sets each cycle.

- SES113 models can process 6 individual ‘examination’ instruments sets each cycle

More instruments sets per cycle = fewer cycles = improved long term performance.

Furniture for sterilising pouches and porous loads.

One Touch/One Cycle Operation

Minimises the risk of using the wrong sterilisation cycle.

Reducing the potential for user error.

Meeting the requirements of the guidelines.

Pre-programmed PIN protected.

Direct Data Download

Data for every is recorded and stored up to 24 months.

Removing requirements for expensive printers or flash card cycle recorders.

DDD Software included as standard on all models.

Saves 2-years of cycle data.

Simple USB connection allows data to be downloaded to a PC or Laptop as and when required.

Integral thermal printer provided as an option for an immediate, hard copy record of each and every cycle.


Capacity = 11 Litres.

Fastest sterilising cycle = 25 mins without drying, 40 mins with drying.

Dimensions = 520x580x430mm (L/W/H).

Weight = 39kg.

Tray Capacity = 6 Examination only or 2 + 2 Standard & Examination.

Cycles = B & N-Type

Air Detector - Yes

Self-checking Cycle Verification = Yes

EiMS = Yes

Advanced Water System = Yes


ModelLittle Sister