Leica EG 1160 Tissue Embedding Station

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Leica EG 1160 Tissue Embedding Station

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Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom


This listing is for a Leica EG 1160 Tissue Embedding Station

The Leica EG1160 is a paraffin embedding station. Compact and easy to use, the EG1160 embedding system uses an integrated filter to ensure constant, reproducible paraffin flow at ten different flow rate settings. All instrument functions, including the automatic starting time, are individually programmable at just the press of a button. Large and temperature-controlled hand rest areas give the user maximum freedom of movement.

The Leica EG1160 embedding station offers a multi-lingual software, and allows temperature programming for paraffin reservoir, cassette bath, mold warmer and work surface. The station also gives the operator the flexibility to program work day, work starting time, work end time, real time and day of the week.

The separately-heated paraffin dispensing system of the Leica EG1160 with integrated filter ensures constant, reproducible flow, with ten flow rate settings. Paraffin dispensing can be activated manually, via foot switch or paraffin mold handle. To facilitate filling of large molds the dispensing handle may be retracted. The refrigeration spot being integrated in the cold plate ensures uniformly low temperatures.


Paraffin Reservoir 31

Cassette Bath ca. 100 cassettes

Cassette Tray 8 cassettes

Temperature Range

Paraffin reservoir 45-70C, steps of +/- 1C

Mold warmer 35-70C, steps of +/- 1C

Cassette bath 45-70C, steps of +/- 1C

Working surface 45-70C, steps of +/- 1C

Cold plate -5C

Removable forceps holder, right 70C

Forceps holder, left (optional) 80C

Paraffin dispenser & pump 45-70C*

Power Draw 800VA

Main Connection Voltage and Frequency 120V/60Hz; 230V/50Hz

Operating Temperature 18C-40C

Weight 50 kg