Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat

No longer available

Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat

Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom


This listing is for a Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat

The Leica CM 1850 UV cryostat is similar to its counterpart, the CM 1850, with a few upgraded safety precautions. Similar to the CM 1850, this particular cryostat is intended for cutting frozen sections of standard and non-standard materials and is designed to rapidly freeze material in a temperature controlled environment.

The Leica CM 1850 UV cryostat has significantly upgraded safety features with the ability to quickly disinfect the cryo chamber at any time with ultra-violet light (UVC). The UV light is intended to reduce the user to significant dangers from bacteria, spores, and viruses. Other safety features include includes an antimicrobial nano-silver coating referred to as AgProtect. AgProtect provides the user protection by reducing exposure to surface pathogens and stops them from penetrating the membranes of microbes to prevent replication.

Much like the CM 1850, the 1850 UV has fast and smooth specimen orientation with zero-position centering. Features two speeds for the motorized course feed which allows for fast approach of the specimen to the knife. The Leica CM 1850 UV cryostat is equipped with an optimized refrigeration system to provide short specimen freezing times.


ModelCM1850 UV