Chemspeed ASW2000 Parallel Synthesiser

Chemspeed ASW2000 Parallel Synthesiser

£1,200 (GBP)

Location:Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom

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This listing is for a Chemspeed ASW2000 Parallel Synthesiser

ASW2000: Automated synthesis workstation

The ASW platform enables you to do automated and unattended synthesis integrating work-up and analysis during or at the end of the synthesis.

1. Transfer your chemistry to an automated synthesizer without restrictions or compromises: reactors in glass (maximum temperature range) and reagent handling under completely inert conditions.

2. Automated and unattended synthesis with complete process integration - from reagent preparation to synthesis, work-up, analysis and output.

3. Modular systems that can be configured for solution and solid phase synthesis: switch between modes, even in one synthesis protocol, or mix the two modes.