Brand New Harvest Right Medium Pharmaceutical PRO Freeze Dryer

Brand New Harvest Right Medium Pharmaceutical PRO Freeze Dryer

£4,500 (GBP)

Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom

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Price Before VAT - £4500

Both long term and short term rental available.

Weekly £500+ transport

Monthly £1500 + transport

Harvest Right’s Pro Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer removes water from plants and organic compounds while they are in a frozen state. This locks in the freshness of herbs and plants. Their appearance, nutritional content, and potency remain the same as when they were fresh.

Freeze drying completely removes water in about 24 hours. No other preservation method comes close to removing water this quickly. This is important because the longer a harvested plant or compound retains water, the greater the chance it has of spoiling and losing nutrition and potency.

What’s Included

  • Medium Pharma Freeze Dryer
  • Premier Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Stainless Steel Trays (set of 7)
  • Guide to Freeze Drying

Key Features & Benefits

- The freeze dryer has built in intelligence. It automatically

and perfectly manages the freeze drying process

- The ideal vacuum pressure and drying temperature is maintained

for each material – preserves freshness and potency

- 6.5 square feet of tray space

- Shelving unit holds 7 trays (each tray 190.5mm W x 457.2mm L x


- 4 liters of ice capacity



1 Year international warranty provided by Harvest Right.



Overall product dimensions: 660mm W x 540mm D x 724mm H

Perfect for a counter top, cart or table.






Standard UK 230v


Shipping Info

- The medium pharmaceutical freeze dryer ships in one package

with a total weight of 160KG

- Item will be delivered in international shipping crate (must

be purchased from Harvest Right when exporting machines out of USA)

- One freeze dryer in fully encased shipping crate: 920 x 770 x


- If you would like to collect from site, we would be able to

cut down the crate to fit in smaller vans: 920 x 770 x 1050H + extra box of




Simply filter and replace oil. Takes one or two minutes.


Industrial Grade Design

High quality, super high vacuum

High evacuation performance

Light, fast, energy efficient


Technical Specifications

Oil: Harvest Right Oil, Robinair Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil or

JB Industries Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil Only

DC Motor

Energy Efficient

Voltage: Standard, 230v

Dimensions: 410mm W x 152mm D x 307mm H

Weight: 6.57KG

Noise: 52 decibels


Product Comparison

Industrial Oil Pump vs Standard Oil Pump


Oil Changes

This new Industrial Pump rarely needs to have the oil changed or

filtered. The pump has a gas ballast feature that makes it so water does not

stay in the oil. Because of this, the oil in the pump will be pristine and

clear, even after 30 or more batches. You simply won’t need to change the oil

until you have run 25 to 40 batches. Whereas, the oil in the standard vacuum

pump needs to be changed and filtered every 4 or 5 batches (when using the new

3/8 inch vacuum hose).


Vacuum Pressure

Under cold and hot conditions the Industrial Pump will pull a

deeper vacuum than the Standard Pump. Under cold conditions the difference is

.05 Pascal for the Industrial Pump and .08 Pascal for the Standard Pump.

Whereas, under warm conditions the difference is much greater: .05 Pascal for

the Industrial Pump and 2.05 Pascal for the Standard Pump.


Hence, the Industrial Pump is especially not affected by warm,

ambient conditions. When temperatures rise, it will pull a vacuum far better

than the Standard Pump. The Industrial Pump is just not affected by outside

heat. It pulls the same deep vacuum even when it is in a warm environment.



The Industrial Pump is substantially quieter than the Standard

Pump, 52 decibels versus 64 decibels. The Industrial Pump at 52 decibels is

about the same as a refrigerator.


Oil Mist Filter

Both pumps come with an oil mist filter. However, the Industrial

Pump’s oil mist filter allows for no oil spray at all and it will last much



Power Use

The Industrial Pump uses less power than the Standard Pump (187

watts versus 218 watts).



Under hot conditions at ultimate vacuum pressure the Standard

Pump pulls 2.1 amps while the Industrial Pump only pulls 1.7 amps. Hence, the

Industrial Pump is more efficient.



The Industrial Pump is easier to move around as it weighs 2.2KG

less than the Standard Pump (14.5KG versus 16.7KG.)

is more durable and will last longer than the Standard Pump.


ManufacturerHarvest Right
ModelMedium Pharmaceutical