HiMedia InstaNX® Mag32 Automated Extraction Machine

HiMedia InstaNX® Mag32 Automated Extraction Machine

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Insta NX® Mag32 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor is a modern bench top magnetic bead based system for DNA and RNA purification from a wide range of samples. With built-in magnetic rods to transfer particles through the entire process of purification starting from binding, mixing and washing to elution, it reduces manual intervention to a bare minimum. This hassle-free extraction system helps one to obtain fine quality ultra-pure DNA and RNA that can be directly used for further downstream processing. 


1. Large 7” touch screen for ease of operation 

2. Quick extraction protocols, 13-40 minutes / cycle depending on the sample type and method 

3. Pre-installed programs for effortless extraction of nucleic acid 

4. In-built sterilization with UV lamp to avoid contamination 

5. Compact and closed design to prevent any possible injuries 

6. Capable of processing up to 32 samples per run with initial sample volume up to 400μl. 

Weight - 51KG

Dimensions - 67cmL x 53cmW x 70cmH