Hanna Instruments EC/TDS Resistivity Salinity Professional Waterproof Meter

Hanna Instruments EC/TDS Resistivity Salinity Professional Waterproof Meter

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The HI98192 instrument is state-of-the-art, heavy-duty conductivity meter, designed to provide laboratory results and accuracy under harsh industrial conditions. 

The USP standard compliance makes the instrument useful for pure water determination. 

It is provided with a series of new diagnostic features which add an entirely new dimension to the measurement of conductivity, by allowing the user to dramatically improve the reliability of the measurement: 

• 7 memorized standards (0.00 μS/cm, 84.0 μS/cm, 1.413 mS/cm, 5.00 mS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 80.0 mS/cm and 111.8 mS/cm) for calibration. 

• EC calibration up to five calibration points. 

• Messages on the graphic LCD for an easy and accurate calibration. 

• Diagnostic features to alert the user when the electrode needs cleaning. 

• User-selectable “Outside Calibration Range” warning. 

• User-selectable “calibration time out” to remind when a new calibration is necessary. 

Moreover, they offer an extended temperature range from -20.0 to 120.0 °C (-4.0 to 248.0 °F), using temperature sensor inside EC electrode. 

This instrument can also measure in Resistivity, TDS and Salinity ranges. Three salinity modes are available: % NaCl, Practical salinity and Natural seawater scale. 

Other features include: 

• Temperature source selection 

• Temperature automatic compensation, linear or non linear user selectable 

• Temperature reference selection 15 °C, 20 °C or 25 °C. 

• Temperature coefficient set 

• Log on demand up to 400 samples 

• Auto Log feature up to 1000 records 

• Auto Hold feature, to freeze first stable reading on the LCD 

• Lock and user setup Fixed range selection 

• GLP feature, to view last calibration data for EC, NaCl 

• Probe change recognition 

• PC interface 

• Probe replatinization

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Dimensions - 43cmL x 30cmW x 9cmH


ManufacturerHanna Instruments