Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO Spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO Spectrophotometer

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This listing is for a Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO Spectrophotometer

The Multiskan GO is a microplate spectrophotometer that supports endpoint, kinetic and spectral scanning assays. It reads 96-and 384-well microplates with and without lids, and all major cuvette types. Additionally, it is compatible with the µDrop Plate that is designed for quick and easy measurement of low sample volumes down to 2 µL. The reading speed of Multiskan GO is exceptionally fast; all wells in a 96-well plate are measured in less than 6 seconds, and a full 384 well plate is measured in just 10 seconds. A broad wavelength range with the UV area, pathlength correction as well as fast spectral scanning makes it an ideal tool for any photometric research application, including DNA, RNA and protein analysis.

Specifications include:

Wavelength selection Monochromator

Light source Xenon flash lamp

Wavelength range 200 -1000 nm with 1 nm steps

Read-out range Up to 4 Abs

Bandwidth < 2.5 nm


ManufacturerThermo Scientific
ModelMultiskan GO
Serial Number1510-04715