Hettich Micro 22 R Centrifuge

Hettich Micro 22 R Centrifuge

£500 (GBP)

Doncaster, United Kingdom

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This listing is for a Hettich Micro 22 R Centrifuge The Mikro 22 and Mikro 22R are small, compact bench-top centrifuges for processing microlitre tubes of 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml, and hematocrit capillaries. The refrigerated Mikro 22R also accomodates cyto suspensions and tubes up to a capacity of 50 ml. The Mikro 22 type centrifuges are used for routine examinations of patients' sera as well as in genetic research, virology, cytology and bacteriology. Capacity, performance and cooling of the Mikro 22R are specifically designed to meet the demands of PCR examinations. Super rapid run-up and run-down times shorten the centrifuging operations significantly without stirring the sediment during deceleration. Features and Advantages of the MIKRO 22 Centrifuges: Programmable: Three complete running programmes can be stored and recalled. Metal housing and metal lid, panelling finished in scratch and impact resistant coating. Centrifuging chamber of stainless steel,easy to clean, for additional safety steel-armoured. Lid with see-through glass for speed control during centrifugation. The inner lid is made of stainless steel. Ergonomic lid rail for safe and convenient locking and opening of the lid. Lid locking and holding device Brushless drive guarantees exceptionally smooth running and speed stability.


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