Horizon SPE-DEX 4790 Extractor

Horizon SPE-DEX 4790 Extractor

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Walton-on-the-Naze, United Kingdom

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SPE-DEX 4790 is the only extractor system ever designed to handle both clean and particulate laden environmental samples such as:

Ground water

Waste water

Drinking water

Solid-waste water

Process water (influent and effluent)

Fresh and sea water

The SPE-DEX 4790 Extraction System features:

Bench-top operation freeing up valuable hood space

Modularity for up to (8) extractors to be connected simultaneously to one PC

Interchangeable 47 mm and 90 mm SPE disk holders

Automatic sample bottle rinse (3)different solvents

5-Conditioning solvents

Prewritten validated methods included

Uses original sample bottle


ModelSPE-DEX 4790
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