Qiagen PyroMark Q24 Sequencer

Qiagen PyroMark Q24 Sequencer

£1,700 (GBP)

Doncaster, United Kingdom

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This listing is for a Qiagen PyroMark Q24 Advanced Sequencer For advanced methylation and mutation quantification in long sequence runs using Pyrosequencing Advanced technology, software, and chemistry for long sequence runs Quantitative methylation analysis at consecutive CpG or CpN sites Improved quantification of sequence variations at any sequence position Easy and improved base calling functionality Assay versatility on the same instrument and in the same run PyroMark Q24 Advanced has improved Pyrosequencing technology to provide even better real-time sequence-based detection and quantification than before. PyroMark Q24 Advanced features advanced technology, software, and chemistry, and is highly suited for analyzing any kind of sequence variation, particularly DNA methylation at CpG or CpN sites, complex mutations, or for de novo sequencing applications such as microbial typing. Can be refurbished on request, refurbishment not included in price.


ModelPyroMark Q24
Serial Number9001671 001009-04X