Biotage RapidTrace+ C5000 Automated Sample Preparation

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Biotage RapidTrace+ C5000 Automated Sample Preparation

Doncaster, United Kingdom


This listing is for 1 of 5 Biotage RapidTrace+ C5000 RapidTrace®+ delivers advanced processing and the rapid development of rugged sample preparation methods. It is extremely reliable and precise, incorporating easy-to-use features for quick method optimization. RapidTrace+ has been successfully implemented in a variety of laboratories all over the world. Advanced bioanalytical techniques such as LC/MS/MS and GC/MS meet the increasing demand for greater speed. In many laboratories, solid phase extraction (SPE) has then become the throughput limiting step. RapidTrace®+ eliminates manual sample processing bottlenecks so that analysts can realize the full benefits of today’s powerful analytical instruments. RapidTrace+ is the perfect compliment to highspeed analytical techniques, a powerful high-throughput workstation dedicated to unattended automated sample preparation. The enhanced RapidTrace®+ broadens usability and increases instrument performance. RapidTrace+ is compatible with industry standard 1, 3 and 6 mL syringe type columns and is compatible with all Biotage ISOLUTE® and EVOLUTE® products in these formats. Advantages More samples per headcount Faster turnaround of results Improved quality, precision, accuracy and sensitivity Consistency of preparation Compliance with regulatory requirements Improved safety Quick response to peak or unexpected work loads