Leica TP1050 Tissue Processor

Leica TP1050 Tissue Processor

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This listing is for a Leica TP1050 Tissue Processor Condition In working condition with a crack across the front as shown in photos. The Leica TP 1050 is a fully enclosed, self-contained, and automated tissue processor. Designed for high volume applications, the TP 1050 is menu-driven, microprocessor-controlled and fully programmable to meet the needs of any facility. The system is available in a benchtop or freestanding configuration. The TP 1050 processor automatically processes tissue in a stationary retort through a sequence of fixation, dehydration, clearing and paraffin impregnation steps. Processing of each tissue in the solution can be enhanced by heat, vacuum-only, pressure-only, and a combination of pressure-vacuum cycles to enhance the infiltration process. The Leica TP 1050 system features a user-friendly integrated control panel with 15 processing programs including ten reagent and three paraffin steps, and four cleaning programs. Other system attributes include serial communication, printer and remote alarm ports, as well as the option to set passcode protection, preventing unauthorized program editing. Offering a unique instrument pretest option, the Leica TP 1050 tissue processor is capable of performing a full diagnostic test on the instrument prior to processing. The processor also has manual operation functions which allow retort filling, draining, pressurizing, evacuating, heating and stirring to be performed without running a program. The retort is easy to clean stainless steel and has a capacity to hold up to 300 cassettes. The TP 1050 has a magnetic stirrer in retort for maintaining more even temperature throughout the processing area. The reagent cabinet contains 10 reagent bottles that can be filled up to 2 to 4.5 liters each, depending on volume of processing. The bottles can be filled manually or from a remote container via a plug-in hose. Power 240V 50Hz